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By day I am a deputy principal at a local country school but I love the 

opportunity to perform wedding ceremonies for friends, family and couples from 

the wider community. I am friendly and outgoing and have formed strong 

community ties in Maraekakaho where I teach, and in Hastings and its 

surrounding districts where I participate in theatre and enjoy community events. 


Designing personal, meaningful ceremonies with couples is at the centre of my 

service. I enjoy meeting, skyping or phoning each couple to get to know them and 

their views on their wedding. I believe that each ceremony should reflect the 

bride and groom’s personality and be what they want. I am here to listen and 

offer a range of possibilities. 


I am happy to dress to requirements (I enjoyed being a hippy for one couples 

surprise wedding) and I have performed handfasting, sand, candle and other 

types of ceremonies. Please ask if there is anything in particular you wish to add 

to your wedding.

Wendy Beauchamp - marriage celebrant - Hastings

About Wendy

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